Looking for apparel that can be your indoor and outdoor constant? Look no further than our collection of shorts and joggers for men and women. Whether you are into athletic activities, or hit the gym regularly, we have the best shorts and joggers for men/ women that can be your everyday companion and for every season. 

Our shorts for men and women are made to complement every body type, there is something for everyone. Wesnap Custom shorts come in a variety of colors, prints & sizes as per your requirement.

Custom Wesnap joggers are best paired with tees for your athletic and lounge needs. And can be paired with sweatshirts and long-sleeved Tees for your fashionable weekend wear. Our joggers for men/women come in a variety of different styles right from having zipper pockets, to back pockets, it has been designed keeping in mind the need of every type of individual.

Made with comfort in mind, these joggers/ shorts are as fashionable as it can get, with vibrant hues and fashionable prints, designed with innovation such as Stay Fresh, Stay Dry and Smart Fabric.

We custom make short and jogger sets for football and other sporting events. Alternatively, shorts and joggers can be made in fleece fabric or cotton and dry fit fabric in accordance with the look that you have in mind.



Shorts & Joggers Fabric Options:
Custom Shorts / Joggers are made with 100% Cotton which is a blend of primarily cotton and also comes with an option of a small component of elastane or polyester. The secondary component provides stability to the garment making it durable for all your activities.

Alternatively, 100% Dry Fit Polyester is also available. It is a synthetic fiber with exceptional elasticity (stretch). Blending this fiber with cotton makes the fabric stretch and revert to its original form (very similar to a rubber band). This provides the product with grip to hold on to the body while remaining extremely comfortable. Lycra is a brand of Elastane Stretch fabric for a better understanding.

Shorts & Joggers GSM options:
Common GSM availability:
180 – 350 GSM for Cotton Fabric & Cotton Fleece
160 – 220 GSM for 100% Dry Fit Polyester Fabric

Shorts & Joggers Customization options as per fabric:
We are currently offering Heat Transfer, Screen print and Embroidery which is possible on Cotton Base Fabric. Additionally, 100% Dry Fit Polyester, along with Sublimation only on 100% Polyester Fabric.


T-shirt and Shorts

Additional information

Polo neck style:

The classic Collar Neck is what we provide to keep it edgy yet comfortable but it can also be custom-made as per requirements.

Polo sleeve style:

Casual Cut Sleeves and Raglan Sleeves with Rib for half sleeves are available as per your requirement.

Polo sleeve length:

We offer Half and Full Sleeve Polo T-shirts as per the look you aim to achieve.

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